Friday, June 6, 2014

The League of Canadian Poets: 2014 Souster/Lampert/Lowther shortlist interviews

From early April to early June, 2014, I conducted short interviews with all the authors of the shortlisted titles for each of the three awards run through The League of Canadian Poets – the Raymond Souster Award, the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award and the Pat Lowther Award. See the links to the individual interviews below. For further information on the awards (and who won), check out The League of Canadian Poets website.

The Raymond Souster Award: Russell Thornton; Anne Compton; Jenna Butler; Vancy Kasper; Catherine Graham; John Terpstra.

The Gerald Lampert Memorial Award: Juleta Severson-Baker; Laurie D. Graham; Murray Reiss; Jordan Abel; Julie Joosten.

The Pat Lowther Award: Micheline Maylor; Anne Compton; Elizabeth Bachinsky; Alexandra Oliver; Sadiqa de Meijer; Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang.

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