Thursday, May 24, 2012

some videos (and podcasts) of rob mclennan reading

For some reason, there is an awful lot of footage of readings I've done (etcetera) floating around the internet. It just made sense, I suppose, to start compiling some of them.

; promo for Vancouver's Poets Corner Reading Series, February 2023 ; rob mclennan reads as part of the Rose Garden Press/the temz review chapbook launch, November 2022 ; Page Fright: A Literary Podcast, June 2022 ; The Peter F Yacht Club #30, December 2021 ; Vallum magazine "Publishing in Canada: A Panel Discussion," with rob mclennan, Hazel and Jay MillAr, Dane Swan, Gail Scott, Ashley Obscura and Catherine Cormier-Larose, May 2021 ; Turnstone Press 2Poem2 Reading Series, January 5 2021 ; Windsor Bookfest, October 2020 ; Red Alder Review ; periodicities: a journal of poetry and poetics, virtual reading series ; episode 30 of Amanda Earl's Small Machine Talks, Ottawa ON: March 2018; episode five of Ottawa Writes! on writing and small press, Ottawa ON: June 6, 2014 ; reading two poems from Songs for little sleep, as part of the Parliamentary Poet Laureate POETS CONNECTION, curated and recorded by Fred Wah at 3-402 McLeod Street (back), Ottawa ON: November 5, 2012 (with further material for discussion) ; reading from Glengarry as part of the 2012 Archibald Lampman Award Shortlist reading (with Michael Blouin and Sandra Ridley) at Collected Works, Ottawa ON: October 14, 2012 ; feature (reading "Texture: Louisiana") at 17 Poets, New Orleans LA: May 10, 2012 ; open set at The TREE Reading Series, Ottawa ON: June 14, 2011 ; feature at VERSeFEST, Ottawa ON: March 2011 ; open set at The TREE Reading Series, Ottawa ON: September 28, 2010 ; feature at The TREE Reading Series, Ottawa ON: June 8, 2010 ; feature (reading from Missing Persons) at The Dusty Owl Reading Series, Ottawa ON: March 3, 2010 ; reading from Missing Persons outside for Peter Simpson/The Big Beat, The Ottawa Citizen: December 22, 2009 ; open set at The TREE Reading Series, Ottawa ON: September 8, 2009 ; interviewed on Ottawa's A-Channel's Breakfast Television on Ottawa: The Unknown City, March 14, 2008 ;

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