Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a series of interviews with rob mclennan

I've been realizing lately that I've been interviewed an awful lot over the years, and never have compiled any of the interviews anywhere. I mean, you can scroll through the blog if you wish, but who has the time? (and some have even disappeared from the internet...) So I've compiled such, here (with updates as they appear).

2016: ; Speaking of Marvels : June 2016 ; Writing is Hard : Sachiko Murakami : June 2016 ; We Who Are About To Die : Ian Whistle : June 2016 ; Author Questions for rob mclennan : Vanessa Cimon-Lambert : May 2016 ; rob mclennan interviewed by Susanne Dyckman for OmniVerse : May 2016 ; rob mclennan and Facebook : Oscar Martens : April 2016 ;

2015: Author questions for rob mclennan : Hayley Malouin : October 2015 ; On the Art of the Interview // Julienne Isaacs : September 2015 ; POETS ONLINE TALKING ABOUT COFFEE: ROB MCLENNAN : August 2015 ; On Collaboration: Interview with Christine McNair and rob mclennan by Jen Tynes : April 2015 ; rob mclennan interview : Writer's Block CJSW by Emily Ursuliak : April 2015 ; A CONVERSATION AT WORLD’S END: Q and A WITH ROB MCLENNAN by Lea Graham : February 2015 ;

2014: 'Poet pushes together fragments in new book' by Phelisha Cassup : October 2014 ; Blog Hop: what the stories make of us, : October 2014 ; Poetry and Art that Challenge Ottawa’s Sleepy Stereotype: rob mclennan and Tanya Sprowl-Martelock Discuss Canadian Journal ottawater : September 2014 ; Interview: rob mclennan / Words By Nathaniel G. Moore : August 2014 ; Episode Five of Ottawa Writes! Talking with rob mclennan about Small Press and more : June 2014 ; Welcome to an Interview with rob mclennan by David Prosser : June 2014 ; poets touching trees interview : June 2014 ; An Interview with rob mclennan: The League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog : April 2014 ; My Writing Process—blog tour, : March 2014 ;

2013: Six Questions for rob mclennan, editor/publisher, above/ground press, Jim Harrington : October 2013 ; The Mackinac: an interview : August 2013 ; Q and A with rob mclennan, for Ribbon Pig : April 2013 ; Q and A: 20 Years of above/ground press, Alison Lang : January 2013 ;

2012: ‘The Next Big Thing’ meme-interview with rob mclennan: the blog tour that ran itself : December 2012 ; Canadian Poets Petting Cats : rob mclennan and Lemonade : July 2012 ; The Dirty Dozen, Open Book: Ontario : June 2012 ; Happy Birthday rob mclennan, Lipstick Press : March 2012 ; The South Townsville micro poetry journal : March 2012Rusty Morrison interviews rob mclennan, OmniVerse : February 2012 ;

2011: Exactly 12 questions for rob mclennan; an interview by Cassie Leigh : October 2011 ; "Apologies for Ottawa" : an article and interview by Vera Grbic on the Ottawa literary community : September 2011 ; A Second Time Around: a conversation between rob mclennan and Stephanie Bolster : Summer 2011 ; The VEG Literary Magazine interviews rob mclennan : April 2011 ; 10 questions for rob mclennan on above/ground press, derek beaulieu : March 2011 ; On Reviewing: rob mclennan, Lemonhound : February 2011 ;

2010: Grey Borders Reading Series Q and A with rob mclennan : November 2010 ; rob mclennan interviewed by David Kosub on editing poetry anthologies : May 2010 ;

2009: An Interview with rob mclennan, Susan Olding : December 2009 ; an interview with rob mclennan, by Darryl Salach : October 2009 ; 8-Ball: Interview with rob mclennan : July 2009 ;

2008: 12 or 20 questions: rob mclennan answers his own : June 2008 ;

2007: A conversation between K.I. Press and rob mclennan (in progress), April-May 2007 ; Cameron Anstee questions, Carleton University, April 2007 ; Haas Bianchi questions, Chicago Postmodern Poetry, January 2007 ;

2002: rob mclennan and Stephanie Bolster in converstation : November 2002 ;

Thursday, January 7, 2016

University of Alberta Writers-in-Residence interviews: 1975-2016

For the sake of the fortieth anniversary of the writer-in-residence program (the longest lasting of its kind in Canada) at the University of Alberta, I have taken it upon myself to interview as many former University of Alberta writers-in-residence as possible [see the ongoing list of writers here]. Obviously some of the writers have passed (and a couple declined), and some were actually impossible to track down, but I still managed to convince most on the list to participate in short interviews on their time in Edmonton. Attempting as best as possible to post the interviews in order of their residencies, the interviews appear weekly from January 8, 2016. See the links to the individual interviews below. There was also a big event at the University of Alberta in March 2016, in which some twenty-plus former writers-in-residence were invited back (including myself) for a series of readings, panel discussions and workshops [see my report on such here].

Gary Geddes (1976-77); Maria Campbell (1979-80); Daphne Marlatt (1985-86); Ray Smith (1986-87); Leona Gom (1987-88); Fred Wah (1988-89); Kristjana Gunnars (1989-90); Sandra Birdsell (1991); Merna Summers (1991-1992); Trevor Ferguson (1992); Don McKay (1993-4); Di Brandt (1995-6); Ven Begamudré (1996-7); Caterina Edwards (1997-8); Tim Lilburn (1999-2000); Marilyn Dumont (2000-2001); Shani Mootoo (2001-2), Thomas Wharton (2002-3); Myrna Kostash (2003-4); Karen Solie (2004-5); Curtis Gillespie (2005-6); Lynn Coady (2008-9); Tim Bowling (2010-11); Richard Van Camp (2011-12); Marina Endicott (2012-3); Erin Moure (2013-4); Minister Faust (2014-5);

Saturday, July 18, 2015

bibliography of ottawa literary magazines and presses,

Given the recent appearance of bins of material in our household, thanks to John White donating a wealth of materials from his late mother's library (the Ottawa poet Jane Jordan), I've been prodded to, yet again, attempt to track a history of Ottawa literary magazines and presses. Cameron Anstee did a write-up of Ottawa poetry anthologies in 2014 also worth looking at, and Pearl Pirie put together a more recent list of Ottawa literary activity. Consider this a work-in-progress (updates/corrections/additions welcome):

: Inscape (1959-1960; 1963-1970); short write-up via Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University; Blue R Hand Press (1961-1962); Cameron Anstee's short write-up; Nil Press (1961-1965); Cameron Anstee's short write-up; Something Else (1963); Cameron Anstee's short write-up; Bytown Books (1963); Cameron Anstee's short write-up; Commoners' Press (c. 1970s); 2016 interview with Neil Flowers, editor of Northern Comfort (1973); Northern Journey/Northern Journey Press (1971-1976); Golden Dog Press (1972-1985); short write-up via Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University; Valley Editions (1974-83); Ottawa Poetry News (1976); Sparks magazine (1977-8); 2015 interview and bibliography; Review Ottawa/Anthos magazine (1977-1988); short write-up via Archives and Research Collections, Carleton University; Stoney Monday (1978); Reenbou: revue plurilingue de poésie / plurilingual poetry magazine (1979); Ichor : a magazine of surreal prose (1980-1); University of Toronto Library holdings; The Carleton Literary Review/The Carleton Arts Review (1981-1997); Ouroboros (1982-1989); 2015 interview and bibliography; POP (Poésie Ottawa Poetry) (c. 1985); The Rideau River Review (1987-1988); Anthos Books (1988-1990); Bywords (1990-2001); hole magazine/hole books (c. 1990-1996); Drum: The Arts and Literary Quarterly of the University of Ottawa (1992); library listing; Ink magazine (1992-c. 1997); Hostbox (1992-1995); STANZAS magazine (1993-2006)my bibliography of STANZAS magazine; Hook & Ladder (1993-1997); 2015 interview and biography; GraffitiFish (1994-1997); 2015 interview and bibliography; graffito: the poetry poster (1994-2000); electronic archive; 2015 interview and bibliography; The Skinny (c. 1994-1996); Bad Moon Books (1995-2004); 2015 interview and bibliography; Friday Circle (1995-2006); website/archive; Grove Avenue Press (c. 1996-8); 2015 interview and bibliography; Missing Jacket (1996-1997); my bibliography/write-up; The Contemporary Journal of Literary Stuff (c. 1996-1997); 2016 interview and bibliography; Backwater Review (1997-1999); post-journal occasional reviews blog; 2015 interview and bibliography; Dusty Owl Press (c. 2000-2006); Black Squirrel Press (c. 2000); Litwit Review (2000); Murderous Signs (2000-2007); 2015 interview and bibliography; Poetics.ca (2002-2007); website; modomnoc (c. 2003); camenae press (2002-3); Bywords Quarterly Journal (2003-2013); The Moose & Pussy (2008-2012); 2016 interview and bibliography; The Dusty Owl Press (c. 2009-2011); Amanda Earl's 2008 interview;

contemporary publications:

: Oberon Press (1966-); website; short write-up via Archives and Research Collections, Carleton UniversityArc poetry magazine (1978-); website; 2010 "12 or 20 (small press) questions" with Anita Lahey; my 2014 profile at Open Book: Ontario; above/ground press (1993-); website; 2015 self-profile, "above/ground press at twenty-two," at Open Book: Ontario; Pooka Press (1994-); BuschekBooks (1995-); website; Apostrophe Press (1996-); Front&Centre (1997-); In/Words Magazine and Press (2001-); website; my 2013 profile at Open Book: Ontario; The Peter F. Yacht Club (2003-); website; 2010 bibliography; 2015 profile at Open Book: Ontario; ottawater (2005-); website; Chaudiere Books (2006-); website/blog; Ottawa Arts Review (2006-); website; AngelHousePress (2007-); website; 2010 "12 or 20 (small press) questions" with Amanda Earl; phafours press (2007-); website; 2014 profile at Open Book: Ontario; seventeen seconds: a journal of poetry and poetics (2008-); website; Experiment-o (2008-); website; Maple Tree Literary Supplement (2008-); website; Apt. 9 Press (2009-); website; 2010 "12 or 20 (small press) questions" with Cameron Anstee; 2011 profile at Open Book: Ontario; NationalPoetryMonth.ca (2009-); website; The Steel Chisel (2013-); website; Touch the Donkey (2014-); website; 2014 self-profile at Open Book: Ontario; LACKINGTON'S (2014-); website; shreeking violet press (2014-); website; Textualis Press (2015-); website; Hussy Press (2015-); website; Canthius [a literary journal] (2015-); website; 2016 interview at Queen Mob's Teahouse; Smidskade 9 Press (2016-); website; battleaxe press (2016-); website; horsebroke press (2016-); website;

Friday, June 6, 2014

The League of Canadian Poets: 2014 Souster/Lampert/Lowther shortlist interviews

From early April to early June, 2014, I conducted short interviews with all the authors of the shortlisted titles for each of the three awards run through The League of Canadian Poets – the Raymond Souster Award, the Gerald Lampert Memorial Award and the Pat Lowther Award. See the links to the individual interviews below. For further information on the awards (and who won), check out The League of Canadian Poets website.

The Raymond Souster Award: Russell Thornton; Anne Compton; Jenna Butler; Vancy Kasper; Catherine Graham; John Terpstra.

The Gerald Lampert Memorial Award: Juleta Severson-Baker; Laurie D. Graham; Murray Reiss; Jordan Abel; Julie Joosten.

The Pat Lowther Award: Micheline Maylor; Anne Compton; Elizabeth Bachinsky; Alexandra Oliver; Sadiqa de Meijer; Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Last Good Year

My post-mother creative non-fiction work-in-progress:

Crossouts sustain me now. I search out and cherish them like old photographs of my mother in happier times. It may be a stage of grieving that will pass. It may be I’ll never again think of sentences unshadowed in this way. It has changed me. Now I too am someone who knows marks.

Here is an epitaph for my mother I found on p. 19 of the Fitzwilliam Manuscript of Virginia Woolf’s Women and Fiction:

Obviously it is impossible, I thought, looking into these
ment foaming waters, to
such compare the living with the dead make any comparison
rapture compare them.

Anne Carson, Men in the Off Hours

First section: The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year;

Second section: house: a (tiny) memoir;

Third section: The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year; The Last Good Year;

Monday, March 22, 2010

12 or 20 (small press) questions (third series):

Originally conducted by rob mclennan and (briefly) Lisa Pasold, and continued by mclennan, this new series of “12 or 20 questions” (originally based on mclennan’s own first and second series of interviews with writers) is a response to a conversation between mclennan (founder/coordinator of the ottawa small press book fair) and Pasold (then-current co-coordinator of the Toronto Small Press Fair) after the fall 2009 edition of the Toronto fair, held at the Gladstone Hotel. Over drinks, the two colluded to work a series of interviews with purveyors of small and micro-press, whether chapbook or book publishers, or editors/publishers of magazines, journals or zines. Much thanks to the Gladstone Hotel, who originally provided drinks and the opportunity, and Open Book Toronto, where a couple of these pieces have been featured.   
; D.S. Stymeist on Textualis Press: Ottawa ON: September 20, 2016 ; Catriona Wright (and Emma Dolan) on Desert Pets Press: Toronto ON: September 4, 2016 ; Rob MacDonald on Sixth Finch: Boston MA, August 16, 2016 ; Shaun Marie (with ChiaLun Chang, Sarah Francois, Krystal Languell + Monica Sun) on Belladonna*: Brooklyn NY: July 13, 2016 ; Marilyn Irwin on shreeking violet press: Ottawa ON: June 15, 2016 ; Joshua Auerbach and Eleni Zisimatos on Vallum Magazine and the Vallum Chapbook Series: Montreal QC: June 8, 2016 ; Sophie Essex on Salò Press: UK: February 29, 2016 ; Michael Boughn on Shuffaloff: Toronto ON: February 15, 2016 ; Joshua Edwards on Canarium Books: Ann Arbor MI: February 2, 2016 ; William Kemp and Nicole Brewer on words(on)pages: Toronto ON: January 27, 2016 ;

; Ravi Shankar on Drunken Boat: December 31, 2015 ; CJ Evans on Two Lines Press: Oakland CA, October 12, 2015 ; Maureen Scott Harris on Fieldnotes/MSH: Toronto, ON: September 28, 2015 ; Kent MacCarter on Cordite Books: Australia, July 11, 2015 ; JenMarie and Travis Macdonald on Fact-Simile: Philadelphia PA, June 9, 2015 ; Jasper Bernes, Joshua Clover and Juliana Spahr on Commune Editions: Oakland, CA: May 29, 2015 ; Jared Schickling on Delete Press: New York, NY: April 21, 2015 ; Nicci Mechler on Porkbelly Press: Cincinnati OH: March 22, 2015 ; Caryl Pagel on Rescue Press: Cleveland OH: December 14, 2014 ; Amanda McCormick on Ink Press Production: Baltimore MD: September 16, 2014 ; Ken Hunt on SPACECRAFT: Calgary AB: August 24, 2014 ; Ashley Opheim on Metatron: Montreal QC: June 10, 2014 ; Nicholas Power on Gesture Press: Toronto ON: June 4, 2014 ; Kristina Marie Darling on Noctuary Press: Buffaly NY: November 12, 2013 ; Michael Sikkema on Shirt Pocket Press: Grand Rapids MI: October 31, 2013 ; Jeff Alessandrelli and Bret Sheperd on Dikembe Press: Oregon/Nebraska: October 14, 2013 ; Daniel Poppick and Rob Schlegel on The Catenary Press: Iowa City and Wall Walla WA: October 5, 2013 ; Peter Jelen on BareBackPress: Hamilton ON: September 26, 2013 : Erin Costello and Mark Rockswold on SpringGun Press: Denver CO: September 9, 2013 ; Patrick F. Durgin on Kenning Editions: Chicago Il: August 26, 2013 ; Tony Mancus on Flying Guillotine Press: Arlington VA/Denver CO: August 14, 2013 ; Nikolai Duffy on Like This Press: Manchester UK: August 4, 2013 ; Guy Bennett on Mindmade Books: Los Angeles CA: June 15, 2013 ; Bardia Sinaee on Odourless Press: Toronto ON: June 11, 2013 ; Jess Mynes on Fewer and Further Press: Western MA: May 19, 2013 ; Carleton Wilson on Junction Books: Toronto ON: April 30, 2013 ; Kristy Bowen on dancing girl press: Chicago Il: June 29, 2012 ; Simone Fattal on The Post-Apollo Press: Sausalito CA: June 11, 2012 ; Aaron Cohick on The NewLights Press: Colorado Springs CO: February 13, 2012 ; Andrew Steeves on Gaspereau Press, Kentville NS: January 29, 2012 ; Dawn Marie Kresan on Palimpsest Press, Kingville ON: November 15, 2011 ; Scott Sweeney on Grey Book Press, Tallahassee FL: October 14, 2011 ; Spencer Gordon on Ferno House, Toronto ON: October 4, 2011 ; Jaime Robles on Woodland Editions, San Francisco CA/Exeter UK: September 22, 2011 ; Rena Rosenwasser and Patricia Dienstfrey on Kelsey Street Press: Berkeley CA: August 31, 2011 ; Rachel Moritz, WinteRed: Minneapolis MN: August 11, 2011 ; Maxine Chernoff and Paul Hoover, New American Writing: Mill Valley, CA: August 5, 2011Rupert Loydell, Smallminded Books: Cornwall UK: July 31, 2011 ; Brian Teare, Albion Books: Philadelphia, PA: July 22, 2011 ; Amanda Ackerman + Harold Abamowitz, eohippus labs: Los Angeles, CA: July 5, 2011 ; Vincent Ponka, Emmerson Street Press, Northwestern ON: July 4, 2011 ; Karen Randall, Propolis Press, Northampton MA: April 19, 2011 ; Eric Elshtain, Beard of Bees Press, Chicago Il: April 4, 2011 ; Jen Tynes, Horse Less Press, Denver CO: March 14, 2011 ; John Calabro, Quattro Books, Toronto ON: February 27, 2011 ; Ken Edwards, Reality Street Editions, England: February 12, 2011 ; Jason Dewinetz, Greenboathouse Press, Vernon BC: February 3, 2011 ; kemeny babineau, Laurel Reed Books, Mt. Pleasant ON: January 11, 2011 ; derek beaulieu, NO Press, Calgary AB: January, 3, 2011 ; Kyle Schlesinger, Cuneiform Press, Buffalo NY: December 29, 2010 ; Lary Bremner (Timewell), Obvious Epiphanies Press, Japan: December 14, 2010 ; Rolf Maurer, New Star Books, Vancouver BC: November 30, 2010 ; J.A. Tyler, Mud Luscious Press: September 10, 2010 ; Meredith Quartermain, Nomados, Vancouver BC: August 3, 2010 ; Brian Clements, Firewheel Editions/sentence magazine, Danbury CT: July 26, 2010 ; Edward Smallfield, Apogee Press, Barcelona Spain/Berkeley CA: June 16, 2010 ; Dave Proctor, Wooden Rockets Press, Toronto ON: June 11, 2010 ; Antonio D'Alfonso, Guernica Editions, Montreal QC: June 5, 2010 ; Caleigh (intern), The Porcupine's Quill, Inc., Erin ON: May 25, 2010 ; Christophe Casamassima, Furniture Press, Baltimore MD: May 22, 2010 ; Ralph Alfonso, Bonzo Beat Books, Montreal QC: May 18, 2010 ; Jenny Penberthy, The Capilano Review, Vancouver BC: May 6, 2010 ; William Allegrezza, Moira, Chicago Il: April 29, 2010 ; Anita Lahey, Arc magazine, Montreal QC: April 24, 2010 ; Kitty McKay Lewis, Brick Books, London ON: April 18, 2010 ; Mark McCawley, Greensleeve Editions, Edmonton AB: April 15, 2010 ; The Workhorsery, Toronto ON: April 13, 2010 ; Cameron Anstee, Apt. 9 Press, Ottawa ON: April 6, 2010 ; Angela Carr, Tente, Montreal QC: April 4, 2010 ; Jenna Butler, Rubicon Press, Edmonton AB: March 30, 2010 ; Janet Vickers, Lipstick Press, Gabriola Island BC: March 26, 2010 ; Amanda Earl, AngelHousePress, Ottawa ON: March 22, 2010 ;