Thursday, January 2, 2020

Six Questions interviews : Chaudiere Books

Begun in January 2020 at the Chaudiere Books blog, the Six Questions interviews is a series of short interviews with Ottawa poets and fiction writers.
  Six Questions: Manahil Bandukwala : Conyer Clayton : Mark Frutkin : Dessa Bayrock : Anita Dolman : Laurie Koensgen : Sandra Nicholls : Chris Johnson : Ronnie R. Brown : Rob Thomas : Amanda Earl : Claudia Coutu Radmore : Blaine Marchand : nina jane drystek : Anita Lahey : D.S. Stymeist : John Barton : Ellen Chang-Richardson :

National Poetry Month : full list : Chaudiere Books

I've been curating poems for National Poetry Month over at the Chaudiere Books blog for a while now (there are other activities on the site apart from that, of course). Here is a list with links for the entire series to date.

2020: ;

2019: Jane Virginia Rohrer ; Geoffrey Nilson ; Julia Polyck-O'Neill : Stephen Brockwell ; Chris Johnson ; Chris Warren ; Kate Siklosi ; Simon Brown ; Zane Koss ; Renée Sarojini Saklikar ; Elee Kraljii Gardiner ; nina jane drystek ; rob mclennan ; Sharon Harris ; Stan Rogal ; natalie hanna ; Alice Burdick ; R. Kolewe ; Amy LeBlanc ; Kristina Drake ; Conyer Clayton ; Karen Massey ; Jason Christie ; Gil McElroy ; Anita Dolman ; Isabella Wang ; Pearl Pirie ; Ian Martin ; Joe Blades ; Manahil Bandukwala ;

2018: rob mclennan ; Chris Johnson ; Alyssa Bridgman ; Jenna Jarvis ; Michael Dennis ; John Barton ; Gary Barwin ; Michael e. Casteels ; Kate Hargreaves ; Aaron Tucker ; Justin Million ; Molly Cross-Blanchard ; K.I. Press ; Amanda Earl ; Natalee Caple ;

2017: Anita Dolman ; rob mclennan ; N.W. Lea ; Kristina Drake ; Chris Johnson ; natalie hanna ; Sean Braune ; Sharon Harris ; Elee Kraljii Gardiner and Andrew McEwan ; Jamie Sharpe ; Stan Rogal ; Carl Watts ; Lauren Turner ; nathan dueck ; Joe Blades ; Julia Polyck-O'Neill ;

2016: Andy Weaver ; rob mclennan ; Jennifer Londry ; Nikki Sheppy ; Virginia Konchan ; Jason Christie ; Gil McElroy ; Chris Turnbull ; Elizabeth Robinson ; Stephen Brockwell ; Natalee Caple ; Marcus McCann ; George Elliott Clarke ; Amanda Earl ;

2015: Anya Douglas ; Gil McElroy and Christina McElroy ; rob mclennan ; Jennifer Londry ; derek beaulieu ; Chris Turnbull ; Karen Massey ; Lea Graham ; Stan Rogal ; Pearl Pirie ; Sarah Mangold ; Hugh Thomas ; Kayla Czaga ; Joe Blades ; Helen Hajnoczky ; Janice Tokar

2014: Helen Hajnoczky ; rob mclennan ; N.W. Lea ; Joe Blades ; Anne Le Dressay ; Roland Prevost ; Karen Massey ; derek beaulieu ; Pearl Pirie ; Marilyn Irwin ; Rhonda Douglas ; Marcus McCann ; Anita Dolman ; Eleni Zisimatos ; Gil McElroy ; Amanda Earl ;

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Arc Poetry Walks : Ottawa : 2018

Arc Poetry Magazine approached me (thanks to a generous grant from the Community Foundation) to curate a series of literary walks around various neighbourhoods in Ottawa in 2018, each one to take roughly an hour, aiming to point out a variety of poetry-related sites around the city. As their own promo read:
Arc Walks Ottawa is a series of guided walks based on poetry themes and capitalizing on the rich poetry history of Canada’s capital. Residents and visitors alike are welcome to join in on the walks to learn and revel in Ottawa’s poetry.
The original pitch for the walk included one in French, as well as an Aboriginal walk, which are still in-progress. After each of my four walks, I posted the text from my walk over at my blog, with photos and plenty of links to the multitude of names and other references made during each walk. above/ground press has also produced "poem" handouts for each of my walks, with the produced poem and/or poet directly connected to that individual walk. The links to all are below, as will be notifications for further walks, as they become confirmed.

Walk One: Centretown, March 21, 2018: announcement; poem handout, by John Newlove; post-walk text and report

Walk Two: Glebe, May 25, 2018: announcement; poem handout, by Emily Baird; post-walk text and report

Walk Five: Hintonburg, November 9, 2018: announcement; poem handout, by Claire Farley; post-walk text and report

Walk Six: Byward Market, December 8, 2018: announcement; poem handout, by Colin Morton; post-walk text and report

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Calgary Renaissance, eds. Beaulieu + mclennan : contributor interviews,

Over the past few months, I've conducted a series of new interviews with contributors to The Calgary Renaissance (Chaudiere Books, October 2016), all of which can be found via links on their names (updating regularly): Hollie Adams, Jonathan Ball, Braydon Beaulieu, Christian Bök, Louis Cabri, Natalee Caple, Weyman Chan, Jason Christie, Chris Ewart, Aaron Giovannone, Helen Hajnoczky, Susan Holbrook, Ken Hunt, Jani Krulc, Larissa Lai, Naomi K. Lewis, Nicole Markotić, Suzette Mayr, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Sandy Pool, Sharanpal Ruprai, Ian Sampson, Jordan Scott, Nikki Sheppy, Natalie Simpson, Emily Ursuliak, Natalie Zina Walschots, Andrew Wedderburn, Julia Williams, Rita Wong, Eric Zboya, and Paul Zits, as well as with co-editor derek beaulieu.

Edited by derek beaulieu and rob mclennan, and designed by Chaudiere co-publisher Christine McNair, The Calgary Renaissance highlights some of the diverse and astonishing experimental poetry and fiction that has emerged out of the past two decades of Calgary writing. An essential portrait of some of the most engaged and radical of Canadian writing and writers from one of the country’s most important literary centres. You can order a copy directly, here.

Introduction by derek beaulieu and rob mclennan. Cover by Natalie Lauchlan and Nathaniel Mah.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

a series of interviews with rob mclennan

I've been realizing lately that I've been interviewed an awful lot over the years, and never have compiled any of the interviews anywhere. I mean, you can scroll through the blog if you wish, but who has the time? (and some have even disappeared from the internet...) So I've compiled such, here (with updates as they appear).

2019: Wombwell Rainbow Interviews : July 2019 ; Train : a poetry journal : July 2019 ; 12 or 20 questions, via Vallum : January 2019 ; on curating the Tuesday poem series at dusie for Quill Bell : Christine Stoddard : January 2019 ; talking about strawberries all of the time, April 2019 ; Ottawa Arts Council, April 2019 ;

2018: episode 30 of Amanda Earl's Small Machine Talks, March, 2018 ; poetry mini interviews, March-May, 2018 ;

2017: The Roaring Nineties, by Nathaniel G. Moore : April 2017 ; rob mclennan answers The DevilHouse Six : January 2017 ;

2016: on above/ground press for Entropy : December 2016 ; Speaking of Marvels : June 2016 ; Writing is Hard : Sachiko Murakami : June 2016 (re-post) ; We Who Are About To Die : Ian Whistle : June 2016 ; Author Questions for rob mclennan : Vanessa Cimon-Lambert : May 2016 ; rob mclennan interviewed by Susanne Dyckman for OmniVerse : May 2016 ; rob mclennan and Facebook : Oscar Martens : April 2016 ;

2015: Author questions for rob mclennan : Hayley Malouin : October 2015 ; On the Art of the Interview // Julienne Isaacs : September 2015 ; POETS ONLINE TALKING ABOUT COFFEE: ROB MCLENNAN : August 2015 ; On Collaboration: Interview with Christine McNair and rob mclennan by Jen Tynes : April 2015 ; rob mclennan interview : Writer's Block CJSW by Emily Ursuliak : April 2015 ; A CONVERSATION AT WORLD’S END: Q and A WITH ROB MCLENNAN by Lea Graham : February 2015 ;

2014: 'Poet pushes together fragments in new book' by Phelisha Cassup : October 2014 ; Blog Hop: what the stories make of us, : October 2014 ; Poetry and Art that Challenge Ottawa’s Sleepy Stereotype: rob mclennan and Tanya Sprowl-Martelock Discuss Canadian Journal ottawater : September 2014 ; Interview: rob mclennan / Words By Nathaniel G. Moore : August 2014 ; Episode Five of Ottawa Writes! Talking with rob mclennan about Small Press and more : June 2014 ; Welcome to an Interview with rob mclennan by David Prosser : June 2014 ; poets touching trees interview : June 2014 ; An Interview with rob mclennan: The League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Month Blog : April 2014 ; My Writing Process—blog tour, : March 2014 ;

2013: Six Questions for rob mclennan, editor/publisher, above/ground press, Jim Harrington : October 2013 ; The Mackinac: an interview : August 2013 ; Q and A with rob mclennan, for Ribbon Pig : April 2013 ; Q and A: 20 Years of above/ground press, Alison Lang : January 2013 ;

2012: ‘The Next Big Thing’ meme-interview with rob mclennan: the blog tour that ran itself : December 2012 ; Canadian Poets Petting Cats : rob mclennan and Lemonade : July 2012 ; The Dirty Dozen, Open Book: Ontario : June 2012 ; Happy Birthday rob mclennan, Lipstick Press : March 2012 ; The South Townsville micro poetry journal : March 2012Rusty Morrison interviews rob mclennan, OmniVerse : February 2012 ;

2011: Exactly 12 questions for rob mclennan; an interview by Cassie Leigh : October 2011 ; "Apologies for Ottawa" : an article and interview by Vera Grbic on the Ottawa literary community : September 2011 ; A Second Time Around: a conversation between rob mclennan and Stephanie Bolster : Summer 2011 ; The VEG Literary Magazine interviews rob mclennan : April 2011 ; 10 questions for rob mclennan on above/ground press, derek beaulieu : March 2011 ; On Reviewing: rob mclennan, Lemonhound : February 2011 ;

2010: Grey Borders Reading Series Q and A with rob mclennan : November 2010 ; rob mclennan interviewed by David Kosub on editing poetry anthologies : May 2010 ;

2009: An Interview with rob mclennan, Susan Olding : December 2009 ; an interview with rob mclennan, by Darryl Salach : October 2009 ; 8-Ball: Interview with rob mclennan : July 2009 ;

2008: 12 or 20 questions: rob mclennan answers his own : June 2008 ;

2007: A conversation between K.I. Press and rob mclennan (in progress), April-May 2007 ; Cameron Anstee questions, Carleton University, April 2007 ; Haas Bianchi questions, Chicago Postmodern Poetry, January 2007 ;

2002: rob mclennan and Stephanie Bolster in converstation : November 2002 ;

Thursday, January 7, 2016

University of Alberta Writers-in-Residence interviews: 1975-2016

For the sake of the fortieth anniversary of the writer-in-residence program (the longest lasting of its kind in Canada) at the University of Alberta, I have taken it upon myself to interview as many former University of Alberta writers-in-residence as possible [see the ongoing list of writers here]. Obviously some of the writers have passed (and a couple declined), and some were actually impossible to track down, but I still managed to convince most on the list to participate in short interviews on their time in Edmonton. Attempting as best as possible to post the interviews in order of their residencies, the interviews appear weekly from January 8, 2016. See the links to the individual interviews below. There was also a big event at the University of Alberta in March 2016, in which some twenty-plus former writers-in-residence were invited back (including myself) for a series of readings, panel discussions and workshops [see my report on such here].

Gary Geddes (1976-77); Maria Campbell (1979-80); Daphne Marlatt (1985-86); Ray Smith (1986-87); Leona Gom (1987-88); Fred Wah (1988-89); Kristjana Gunnars (1989-90); Sandra Birdsell (1991); Merna Summers (1991-1992); Trevor Ferguson (1992); Don McKay (1993-4); Di Brandt (1995-6); Ven Begamudré (1996-7); Caterina Edwards (1997-8); Tim Lilburn (1999-2000); Marilyn Dumont (2000-2001); Shani Mootoo (2001-2), Thomas Wharton (2002-3); Myrna Kostash (2003-4); Karen Solie (2004-5); Curtis Gillespie (2005-6); Lynn Coady (2008-9); Tim Bowling (2010-11); Richard Van Camp (2011-12); Marina Endicott (2012-3); Erin Moure (2013-4); Minister Faust (2014-5);