Thursday, June 24, 2021

above/ground press: prose/naut imprint,

Founded in September 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and corresponding lockdowns, the above/ground press “prose/naut” imprint focuses on single-author chapbooks of literary prose. Why a prose imprint? With more than one thousand poetry-specific publications produced over the past nearly thirty years, why branch out into prose? I suppose the straightforward answer is that there appear to be fewer possibilities for publication for lyric prose than there once were, despite the wealth of materials being produced. There is some incredible work being done, and my own frustrations as a reader has brought us, one might say, to this.

The series includes multiple single-author chapbooks of prose, from fiction to other forms, all of which are included as part of the regular above/ground press annual subscription package. Naturally, review/media copies are available upon request (while supplies last). Here are links to the entire series-to-date (all of which are currently still in-print):

25. M.A.C. Farrant, The Literary Cow Festival (forthcoming)
24. Jacob Wren, From Desire Without Expectation (March 2024)
23. Clint Burnham, The Old Man: new stories (February 2024)
22. Aaron Tucker, The Last Horse: Prologue (November 2023)

21. Evan Williams, An Extremely Well-Funded Study of Doors (September 2023)
20. Jamie Hilder, {NANCY} (July 2023)
19. Ryan Stearne, Bits and Bobs (June 2023)
18. Douglas Glover, Teeth (November 2022)
17. David Miller, AN ENVELOPE FOR SILENCE: Some Short Fiction 1977-1989 (May 2022)
16. Wade Bell, Visions of Bolaño (March 2022)

15. Karl Jirgens, ECO BLUES: A tale in 3 parts (February 2022)
14. Sarah Rosenthal, Fire and Flood: Enacting Rehearsal as Performance (December 2021)
13. Susan Rukeyser, Whatever Feels Like Home (November 2021)

12. Gary Barwin, SAYING “BOY” IN A WILDERNESS OF SONG (September 2021)
11. Ken Sparling, the girl arrived (August 2021)

10. Summer Brenner, DO YOU EVER THINK OF ME (July 2021)

9. M.A.C. Farrant, SOME OF THE PUZZLES (June 2021)

8. Adam Thomlison, Kid Commitment Proves Them Wrong (June 2021)
7. Anik See, The Great Beauty (March 2021)

6. Al Kratz, OFF THE RESTING SEA (February 2021)

5. Kristjana Gunnars, a moment in flight : essay on melancholy (November 2020)

4. Keith Waldrop, from THE LOSS FOR WORDS (October 2020)

3. rob mclennan, Twenty-one stories, (September 2020)

2. Jane Eaton Hamilton, Would You Like a Little Gramma On Those? (September 2020)

1. Amanda Earl, Sessions from the DreamHouse Aria (September 2020)

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

bibliography of canadian literary magazines and presses,

After having spent the past couple of years working on my bibliography (with the occasional profile and/or new interview) of Ottawa-specific literary magazines, journals and presses, I've felt prompted to further my scope to include profiles and interviews with other publishers/editors from around the country. Here is some of what I've engaged with so far:

; Commoners' Press, Ottawa ON (c. 1970s) : 2016 interview with Neil Flowers, editor of Northern Comfort (1973) ; CrossCountry – a magazine of Canadian-U.S. poetry/CrossCountry Press (1975-1983) : 2021-22 interview with Ken Norris and Jim Mele and bibliography ; mouse eggs, Montreal QC (1976-1981; online version 2021-) : 2020-21 interview with Ken Norris and Endre Farkas and bibliography ; Sparks magazine, Ottawa ON (1977-8) : 2015 interview with Blaine Marchand and bibliography; Ouroboros, Ottawa ON (1982-1989) : 2015 interview with Colin Morton and bibliography; Surrealist Poets Gardening Assoc., Toronto ON (1984-1993) : 2021 interview with Lillian Nećakov and bibliography ; The Rideau River Review, Ottawa ON (1987-1988) : 2016 interview with Stephen Brockwell and bibliography; Hostbox, Ottawa ON (1992-1995); 2020 interview with Chris Pollard and bibliography; STANZAS magazine, Ottawa ON (1993-2006) : my bibliography of STANZAS magazine; Hook & Ladder, Ottawa ON (1993-1997) : 2015 interview with Victoria Vernell and biography; GraffitiFish, Ottawa ON (1994-1997) : 2015 interview with Warren D. Layberry and bibliography; graffito: the poetry poster, Ottawa ON (1994-2000) : electronic archive; 2015 interview with b stephen harding and bibliography; Bad Moon Books, Ottawa ON (1995-2004) : 2015 interview with Warren D. Layberry and bibliography; Grove Avenue Press, Ottawa ON (c. 1996-8) : 2015 interview with Colin Morton and bibliography; Missing Jacket, Ottawa ON (1996-1997) : my bibliography/write-up; The Contemporary Journal of Literary Stuff, Toronto/Ottawa ON (c. 1996-1997) : 2016-7 Grant Wilkins interview and bibliography; Backwater Review, Ottawa ON (1997-1999) : 2015 interview with Leo Brent Robillard and bibliography ; Queen Street Quarterly, Toronto ON (1997-2005) : 2020-21 interview with Suzanne Zelazo and bibliography ; Front&Centre, Ottawa ON (1999-2016) : 2017 interview with Matthew Firth and bibliography; ₤IbEl, Edmonton AB (2000); 2021 interview with Andy Weaver and bibliography; (orange) magazine, Calgary AB (2000-2002) : 2021-2 interview with Nikki Reimer, ryan fitzpatrick and Chris Patrick Carolan and bibliography; Murderous Signs, Ottawa ON (2000-2007) : 2015 interview with Grant Wilkins and bibliography; MODL Press, Calgary AB (2000-2009) : 2022 interview with ryan fitzpatrick and bibliography ; The Moose & Pussy, Ottawa ON (2008-2012) : 2016 interview with Jeff Blackman and bibliography;